Careers Leaders- A Quick Start Guide

7th January 2019 by Richard Allnutt

New to the Careers Leader role and don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been in the job a while, but don’t feel like you have had the time to get your head around it all? If so, read on. CareerWave has identified a handful of key essential resources available to help you quickly get to grips with this important job.

The first port of call ought to be the Careers and Enterprise Company website. From the homepage, a quick jump into the Schools and Colleges section and you will find the link, Understanding the Gatsby Benchmarks. From here you will be able to access to the indispensable Toolkits for schools, colleges and SEND schools. Essentially the overall aim of the Careers Leader is to ensure that all eight Good Career Guidance benchmarks are achieved so this is a necessary first step.

Sticking with the Careers and Enterprise Company, don’t leave the website until you have explored the easy to miss publications section and, in particular, the ‘What Works’ series of reports. CareerWave really likes the Personal Guidance: What Works? guide because ‘Personal Guidance’ is our main strand of work. However, we also know that embedding career learning across the curriculum is one of the toughest benchmarks to meet. Therefore make time to read the report, Careers in the Curriculum. What Works?

Next, we want to introduce you to some insightful videos which crystallise some of what is found in the formal documents above, but also provide a real ‘on the ground’ perspective of meeting the benchmarks and the challenges of doing so. These videos can be located on the Careers and Enterprise Company’s YouTube channel. The 5 most recent videos are the relevant ones…….you might even see some recognisable faces.

Of course the north-east successfully piloted the Gatsby Benchmarks and is now the cornerstone Careers Hub supporting new careers hubs across England. Therefore there is a wealth of expertise and support available in the region. Indeed, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership continue to drive the government’s national careers strategy through the North East Ambition programme. There are some fantastic resources on the programme’s website including the North East Ambition toolkit and their career benchmarks audit tool. CareerWave really loves the Careers guidance directory and not just because we are in it (alongside many other amazing local providers to support your careers programmes)!

We think the following blog is well worth a Careers Leader’s time and attention. The blog in question is published by Trotman, one of the biggest and longest serving publishers of career guidance books and websites. There are loads of excellent articles here, including many focused on the Careers Leader role. Of all the blog articles here, we highly recommend the ‘So you’re a Careers Leader’ webinar series. The 8 webinar recordings (linked to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks) are part of Trotman’s free Careers Leader Starter Pack which can be accessed by signing up for their Careers Leader Update e-newsletter. These ‘freebies’ act as an introduction to the Careers Leader Handbook which is available to purchase.

CareerWave fully supports the Careers Leader role and is available to help out in any way we can. If you want to speak to us about any of the benchmarks and/or get further advice on how to implement them please get in touch.