Be a volunteer, get ahead in your career

16th October 2018 by Richard Allnutt

CareerWave can’t over-state the value of doing voluntary work when it comes to your future. We are confident it will make a huge impact on you and massively increase the chance of getting where you want to be- whether that destination is a course you would love to study, a dream job or simply a sense of self-fulfilment and personal pride. Need convincing? Here are 3 solid gold reasons for volunteering;

  1. It feels good to contribute. Lots of us want to feel like we have made a real and positive contribution to our society, the people, the communities we live in and the world we share.
  2. It is good for our career development. Volunteering provides us with the opportunity to develop the most sought after skills and abilities for any successful career. Collaborating with others, solving problems, dealing with challenges, resilience, managing change, a willingness to learn and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds are recognised as the foundations for our future workforce.
  3. It is strongly advised for lots of career pathways. If you aspire to be a doctor, nurse, social worker, police officer, firefighter, journalist, teacher, paramedic, politician or veterinary surgeon then relevant voluntary work will massively enhance your chances of reaching your goal. Whether your career journey takes you through University or an Apprenticeship, your commitment to being a volunteer and the amazing benefits it brings, will stand out on your application.

Want to find out more and how you can get get involved? The following CareerWave recommended websites can help show you the way. (National Citizen Service)