Future jobs in Greater Manchester

4th November 2022 by CareerWave

The ‘Greater Manchester Strategy 2021-2031: Good Lives for All’ aspires to achieve:

‘A Greener Greater Manchester, a Fairer Greater Manchester and a Prosperous Greater Manchester’

Within this strategy four main growth sectors have been identified. They are:

  • Health Innovation
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Digital, Creative and Media
  • Clean Growth (clean energy, renewables, sustainability)

For Health Innovation, Greater Manchester has the largest life science cluster outside Southeast England. It has high potential opportunities in diagnostics and healthy ageing.

In the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing sector, it is home to many leading UK companies researching and developing ways to use graphene- a very thin layer of carbon atoms forming what is being called a ‘wonder material’ with uses in all walks of life.

Within Digital, Creative and Media, it has excellent clusters of cyber security, broadcasting, culture, content creation and media jobs. This includes the moving of several large media companies, such as the BBC, to Manchester’s Media City (pictured above).

Regarding Clean Growth, Greater Manchester has established the UK’s first ‘Clean Growth Mission’.

Although these are the main four growth areas, Greater Manchester’s goal is to ensure the 2.8million people who live there will have improved wellbeing, better homes, jobs and transport. This means that there is a focus on ALL jobs in the area, upskilling the workforces and providing opportunities for everyone.

The Greater Manchester Apprenticeships and Careers Service (GMACS) has identified the six top sectors in the area as:

  • Digital, Creative & Media
  • Manufacturing & Technology
  • NHS, Medical Research & Care
  • Logistics & e-Commerce
  • Business, Finance & Professional Services
  • Green Industries

Below we have highlighted a few of the key links:

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Greater Manchester Good Lives for All 2021 – 2031 Strategy (Full) (The full version of the strategic plan for Greater Manchester).