Future jobs in Tees Valley

31st October 2019 by Richard Allnutt

The Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan identifies 7 ‘priority sectors’ which, it is hoped, will provide loads of future jobs for our young people. They are;

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Process, chemicals and energy
  • Logistics
  • Health and biologics
  • Digital and creative
  • Culture and leisure
  • Business and professional services

The recently launched Tees Valley Combined Authority Careers Hub has a massive role to play in making sure we have a talent pipeline of young people with the skills to thrive in these priority sectors.

On a wider level, everyone who provides any career information, advice or guidance must work to ensure that everyone in our region knows what these priority sectors are. Of course, there are many other sectors which provide great opportunities for us. Some sectors are much smaller, but still require people to choose to work within. Furthermore, there is always a degree of uncertainty about predicting the future of work and the landscape of opportunity. As a result, key to successful career development in this fast-paced, globally connected world is the building of new skills-related currency such as adaptability and flexibility. How do we adapt and remain flexible to be able to take new opportunities when they arise?

Nevertheless, a huge amount of effort, research and investment has been put into this 10 year economic plan and it is based on an existing picture and insight into future growth areas in Tees Valley.

The following ‘further reading’ link is a brilliant piece of Labour Market Intelligence. It informs us about the 7 sectors and evidences their importance by highlighting key work by innovative companies across our region. CareerWave recommends this as key reading for all professionals involved in ‘Good Career Guidance’, our young people and their families. The 7 priority sectors can be explored from¬†page 10 to 13 (Sectoral Profiles).

The Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan

The excellent www.teesvalleycareers.com website is the public face of the Tees Valley’s careers strategy and it is the go-to resource for Tees Valley LMI. Here you can find lots of factsheets about opportunities within specific areas of Tees Valley (e.g. Darlington and Middlesbrough) and opportunities within specific sectors. The following link takes you straight to this brilliant Labour Market Information.