What the benefits are:

  • A quick and easy way to produce, add to and evaluate your Careers Plan
  • Ensures you meet statutory careers requirements
  • Saves money by providing efficient and cost effective solutions to overspending on administrative tasks

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How we have made a difference:

The Grofar destinations exercise was far simpler than the previous manual way of collecting data and I now have information for the LA ahead of time as well as a detailed insight into pupils that need extra support.

As a UTC that has a high turnover of industry partner events, it is important that we find the most effective ways of managing our employer engagement. Grofar has provided us with a single platform allowing us to track and monitor the impact and quality of our events. It provides students with independence and raises their aspirations whilst managing their own career paths.

Grofar allows us to further develop the Careers Service for our students, enabling them to track their progress and set goals for their futures.

The Grofar system was implemented with a link to SIMS that meant that all the pupil data was automatically transferred and updated. Business contacts were imported from a spreadsheet and pupils were invited to create their initial student passports as part of a dedicated Careers lesson using the IT suites.

I believe this independent and impartial on-line service has a lot of resources and features which would allow me to work more efficiently as a sole practitioner.

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