The best career websites by school subject area

26th August 2022 by CareerWave

It can be difficult to see how your school subjects relate to future jobs. Some subjects help you develop obvious skills for work (Art, Computing). Others have less obvious links, but be sure that they equally support your skills development. Here is a selection of CareerWave’s favourite career websites which help you to see potential links between school study and the exciting world of work.

Just before we break things down into subjects, we would like to share a specific resource we love and use a lot in our guidance conversations. It is focused on what jobs you can get into based on your degree, but it also shows where your current school subjects could lead to. The website is; Prospects.

This list is to be used alongside the article Best Career Websites by Sector where you will find many more recommended websites.

Art and Design  

Discover Creative Careers (a directory that pulls in career information from lots of other creative websites including Screen Skills)

ScreenSkills (Film and TV, Animation, Games and VFX)

Business Studies

The London Institute of Banking and Finance

Maths Careers

ATT – Careers in Tax

CISI – Careers in Finance

Computer Science   

Tech Skills (a career in Tech)

ScreenSkills (Games) (excellent information about the Gaming sector)

Cyber Security Challenge UK

AIXR (Metaverse Careers) (emerging world of Extended Reality-XR)


Discover Creative Careers

ScreenSkills (Film and TV)

NCTJ – Journalism

Publishers Association


Royal Geographical Society

Geography Education Online (Careers Spotlights Webinars)

The Geological Society 


Historical Association

Law Careers


Maths Careers (from the Institute of Mathematics)

Neon Futures (Case Studies of people working in engineering)

Also see ‘Business Studies’ and ‘Computer Studies’ sections above.

Media Studies

Discover Creative Careers

ScreenSkills (Film and TV, Animation, Games and VFX)

Also see ‘English’ section above.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Institute of Translating and Interpreting

GRB – Language Graduates  (excellent and concise article about the value of languages to employers)

ALL – Why study languages?

SCILT  (some convincing statistics about the need for languages)

MI5 and SIS (James Bond is fluent in French and German and has been known to speak Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese amongst others….. probably. However it is true that our security services highly value multi-linguists)


BASES (‘Careers in Sport’ booklet from British Association of Sport and Exercise Science)

Careers in Sport

Performing Arts           

Discover Creative Careers

One Dance UK (the national body for Dance in the UK)

Incorporated Society of Musicians

Get Into Theatre

Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (in the menu you can find the list of CDMT accredited professional schools)


Royal Society of Biology (specifically a link to the booklet, ‘Becoming a Biologist: Degrees and Careers in Biology)

Royal Society of Chemistry

Institute of Physics

Neon Futures (Engineering)

Health Careers (the website for all health careers in the NHS including accredited course finder)

Technology (Design and Technology)  

Discover Creative Careers

Neon Futures

ScreenSkills (Film and TV, Animation, Games and VFX)

Tasty Careers (National Skills Academy for Food and Drink)